Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

Rental Period:
The minimum rental period is 24 hours.


Driver's License and Age Lower Limiti:
In the application;

E and D group vehicles (Symbol, Hyundai) 23 years and 2 years driving license,

F and G group vehicles (Focus, Megane) 25 years and 3 years driving license,

S and K group vehicles (Passat, Mondeo) require 28 years of age and 5 years driving license.

Deposit (Credit Card Usage)
Our rental customers are required to have a credit card issued on their behalf during the rental period. A pre-provision of $ 300 may be blocked from this credit card, depending on the group of the vehicle they are renting.


Use and mileage Limit:
There is no use in vehicles rented a kilometer limit and tools are available only in the Republic of Turkey.


Traffic Charges:
Any traffic fines and liability that may arise during the term of the contract belong to the tenant.


All vehicles are T.C. is insured by the Traffic Insurance and the Special Casco Insurance. If the subject insurance conditions are not fulfilled, the tenant is liable.


Out of Insurance Scope:
Being influenced by alcohol or drugs,
To exceed the specified speed limit,
During the accident to move from the place where the vehicle,
Not to take priority official minutes and documents under insurance such as accident report, alcohol report or stolen report,

* The key and license are not covered by the insurance if it is stolen because it is a portable article.

* Non-accident Tire, Glass, Headlamp damage can be covered with LCF insurance at extra charge depending on demand.

Please contact us for further information regarding general conditions and insurance coverage.


Services and products except for car rental prices.


Fuel prices are not included, fuel is delivered at the level specified in the lease at the beginning of the lease at the same level at the end of the lease. In vehicles where missing or empty storage is returned with gasoline, fuel surcharge is collected with service charge.

In our vehicles, the fuel tank is delivered to the customers with some fuel so that the warning light is not lit. When returning the vehicle to us, the gasoline contained in it is not made.


Additional Driver

If a driver's license is displayed and the rental conditions are met (except for the pre-deposit condition), a pawn 2 can be written without any charge, and a fee of 5 TL / day is charged for each driver after the 2nd drive.


Baby and Child Seat

Vehicles can be provided with baby and child seats at extra cost depending on demand. If you specify during your reservation, our booking officers will inform you.


Navigation device

The navigation device for vehicles can be provided at an extra charge depending on demand. If you specify during your reservation, our booking officers will inform you.


City Vehicle Delivery

If the delivery place is a province other than İzmir, an additional fee is charged according to the distance of the region from İzmir.


Change Requests for Tenancy Contract

The rental price and the booking confirmation given are based on the conditions initially agreed. Such a request may not be met when there is a possibility that a change that may be requested under these conditions is not operationally available (such as the reservation of the car, the arrival of the maintenance crew, etc.). Even if the amendment is accepted as a request, this may change the initial calculation of the price and may incur an additional fee or may not be refunded on early returns. A change in any of the following conditions may change rental conditions. The request for extension of the rental period is taken by phone in the first extension and the fee is confirmed to be collected by mail order. In later extension requests, the vehicle must be brought to one of our offices and checked.


   * Changing the date and time of the return (extension / early return)

    * Change of return station

    * Vehicle group change

    * Request to add additional driver to the request

    * Time difference

Rental time is 24 hours. For 3 hours late delivery, 20% of daily rental fee can be requested. In case of exceeding 3 hours, 1 day fee will be charged. Delays incurred without approval on return of the vehicle may lead to the disposal of the Benefit Coverage from the Insured (Full or Exempt Accident Insurance).


Other Operational Extra

If you think you may need it during your journey, you can get information about the price and availability if you are responsible for booking our services.

Reservation Terms

Reservations made through our website are subject to the following conditions:
You may not be able to meet the demand for changing the reservation conditions you have made (request for return before or after the return date, change of the return station, change of the vehicle group, addition of the paddle additional driver), or you may be charged an additional fee or a discount on the rental price .

All prices you have seen on our site include VAT excluded insurance, VAT and unlimited mileage. You can get information by reading the Price Terms for your additional service needs.

In the periods of reservation, all or part of the rental fee can be requested by one of the methods of mail order or account transfer during reservation. If the booking is not canceled within 48 hours or less of the delivery day and hour of the vehicle, 30% of the total rental price will be charged with the vehicle booking fee and the remaining amount will be refunded.

The lease contract will be signed during the lease.

Although there is no common practice, the selected vehicle brand and model you have made may be replaced with an equivalent vehicle.

Although all the measures have been taken to ensure that your journeys are not encountered, call the contact phones that will be notified to you in case of need.

After making a reservation, you will receive a message or a message from our booking department. You can pay your payment by credit card or in cash while you are taking your order by mail order or account transfer from your credit card or at the time of booking.

If you want us to notify your invoice information to us, our accounting department will pass on the subject with the relevant persons of your related company.

Reservations that you have made from our site are valid if you have read and accepted the Terms of Car Rental Terms of Use and site Terms of Use.